The Submission of Profit Tax Returns will now be Exclusively Digital (Aruba)

Get ready to say goodbye to paperwork headaches!

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The Departamento di Impuesto (“DIMP”) is rolling out a digital makeover to simplify how you file your profit tax returns. Starting from the 2023 tax year, everything goes digital. No more shuffling through stacks of forms. Now, you can handle your profit tax returns entirely online. And the best part? You can get started on May 16th, 2024, when the digital forms for the 2023 tax year hit the DIMP website’s digital tax declaration portal, “BO impuesto” (or “Boi” for short). This move isn’t just about saving trees; it’s about making your life easier. So mark your calendars and get ready to embrace the digital age of tax filing!


The digitalization of the profit tax declaration is a project of significant magnitude, for which a team of professionals from the department has been working on since last year. As previously over 10,000 forms had to be issued and processed. Taxpayers had to fill out their information on paper, make copies, and then visit the main office to submit their declarations. This will now become a thing of the past. Profit taxpayers can now submit their declarations right from their offices.

From now on, profit taxpayers have the obligation to submit their declarations digitally. This also means that paper submissions are no longer an option. The Tax Department will no longer provide the profit tax declaration form in paper format and will not accept requests for it.

The final deadline for submitting the provisional or final profit tax returns for the year 2023 is July 1st, 2024. In the event of an extension, the final deadline for submitting the final profit tax returns becomes December 2nd, 2024.


Every profit taxpayer must have a BOi account to log in to the portal and fill out the declaration form. Each taxpayer is the main administrator of their account. They have their own username and password.

If the taxpayer has a tax advisor, they need to assign their advisor within BOi. This way, the advisor can access their client’s profit tax declaration to assist them.

The same applies to tax advisors registered with the Tax Department. They have their own username and password, and with these credentials, they can access their clients’ declarations. The Tax Department urges all tax advisors to request their clients to assign them for profit tax within BOi.

Companies or individuals who wish to arrange a BOi account for another person or their advisor, must provide that person with a special authorization letter specifically for requesting an account. The special authorization letter available on, can be used for this purpose.


Our team of seasoned tax practitioners can assist you with the filing of your profit tax return of your business in Curaçao.

Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team would be more than happy to assist you with your questions.

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