Tax Assurance

Tax assurance is a service in which the processes in a company are evaluated to determine what the tax consequences are. Based on this analysis, measures can be taken to identify and mitigate tax risks. 

A part of tax assurance includes having a well-functioning tax control framework (TCF) in place. Not having a well-functioning TCF in place puts the company at risk of not being ‘in control’ of its tax position. Before designing and implementing a TCF, the company should determine its tax policy.

Tax assurance also covers topics such as: tax accounting, tax risk management, internal control, management control, corporate governance, tax policy, relations with tax authorities and more. 
Our professionals can certainly help you with the preparation and the implementation of your tax policy as well as your tax control framework (TCF). The blueprint of a TCF is highly dependent on the nature and size of the taxpayer and is as such tailor-made for each client. We can help you answering key questions such as:
– Does the company have a tax strategy in which its risk appetite is properly determined and outlined?
– Are the tax positions taken by the company in line with its determined risk appetite?
– Is the company’s tax function able to identify and mitigate inherent tax risks in a timely and efficient manner?
– Is the company ‘in-control’ of its tax processes?

Taxxa’s team has experts who specialize in tax assurance with more than 8 years of experience in this field. During their studies they have focused on the subject of tax assurance which was then in its early stages of development. Furthermore our experts keep their knowledge up to date by following different update courses.

Key Contacts

Vivian Pieters

Jeannitza Felix