Tax Accounting

Tax accounting is part of the broader service Tax Assurance. Tax accounting is the structure of accounting for determining tax assets and tax liabilities, tax expenses and tax income in the accounting records for business and individuals. It applies the tax regulations and case law, rather than using the accounting frameworks, such as IFRS or GAAP. Tax accounting may result in a difference between the income figures for purposes of the financial statements and for taxation purposes.

We can help you with the determination of the assets, liabilities, expenses and income for taxation purposes as well as the current and deferred tax expenses. Furthermore we provide deferred tax validation services and uncertain tax position consulting. We also provide services related to permanent differences, including: non or limited deductibility of expenses, investment allowance and/or disinvestment allowance, participation exemption, (foreign) profit tax deductions.
Our tax experts have over 14 years of work experience in tax accounting and can help you be in control of your tax accounting issues and customize tax services to meet the needs of your business. During their studies they have focused on this subject of tax accounting. They know the differences between the accounting frameworks and the tax legislation. They keep their knowledge up to date by following courses and trainings, such as IFRS trainings, US and Dutch GAAP trainings. Our professionals keep track of the changes in accounting frameworks and the tax legislation.

Taxxa’s Tax Accounting Services (TAS) team can help you evaluate your overall tax position and identify tax deductions or income deferrals.

Key Contacts

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