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Instead of an extensive tax due diligence, some clients just want to know if they are in compliance with tax laws and regulations. Are you filing your tax returns correctly? Are the calculated taxable income and profit tax due correct? A tax quick scan is a high level analysis which is both cost and time efficient. It helps companies to identify tax risks and exposure. After identification of the tax risks the company can take the necessary measures to mitigate these risks.

Our experts are able to assist you with a tax quick scan (buyer or vendor) on the following taxes:

– Corporate income tax
– Sales tax
– General expenditure tax
– Turnover taxes
– Withholding tax
– Payroll taxes and social security premiums
– Import duties

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Our tax experts have a great deal of experience in conducting tax quick scans. Our experts will analyze the presence of tax risks, identify tax opportunities and provide tax minimization strategies. If a client requires a more thorough and in depth analysis of tax risks and exposure, the company may need a tax due diligence. In this regard we refer to the service tax due diligence.

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